Leading the New Year’s Day race with 600 million yuan in three days! 5 details for you to understand

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Concise video – Yan Temple, Qingguo.

Wen | Qingguo

There is no doubt that the movie “Twinkle Twinkle Star” has earned more than 600 million yuan at the box office and is currently one of the most captivating films of this New Year’s Eve.

The film continues the successful web drama of “One Flash, One Shining Star” with its famous line “Zhang Wansen, it’s snowing”, which may have allowed Zhang WANSEN and Lin Beixing to express more remorse. After all, the series did not end with an ending, leaving nothing left to the imagination.

During the initial development, Chen Xiaoming and Zhang Pan were unambiguous in their approach to creating a drama version, acknowledging that it would be difficult for many viewers to relax. “We aim to make the series as regrettable as possible in the movie.”

Undoubtedly, in today’s film and television industry, there are frequent productions that blend film with drama, with a range of gameplay. When asked about the 1905 Film Network scenes, the two directors expressed their belief that the film version is “a complete, independent, and completely original story,” and the connection between the stories is emotional.

There’s no denying that the movie project based on a TV series IP must have its first few fans in the market. How can one expand this audience base to include those who haven’t seen it before?

“The film adaptation of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle. Star’ should be a story that resonates with fans and transcends viewership.”

Whether you’ve seen the series or not, we want to help you understand why this movie was made using five key interview themes with two directors.

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