Korean male celebrities returning from mandatory military service in 2024!

Which Korean celebrities are expected to resume their mandatory military service in 2016?

In South Korea, every male adult between the ages of 18 and 35 is required to serve in the military. This rule also applies to celebrities, and K-pop followers usually have to wait for an average of six months before any biases can be resolved.

The netizens have revealed the names of male celebrities who are expected to leave the military at some point in 2024.

Song Min Ho emerged victorious on December 23rd and was declared the winner.

Kang Seung Yoon emerged as the winner on December 19th.

The date of January 11 in Yonghoon is known as ONEWE.

On February 1, ONEWE will take the skies over Kanghyun.

Jin’s BTS appearance is set for June 12th.

BTS – J-hope is scheduled to arrive on October 17th.

The release date for GOT7 – Jay B (JB) is November 1.

On November 7, Jinyoung’s GOT7 will take place.

On November 7, Seo Dong Sung will perform with N.Flying.

October 16 is the date when Ong Seong Wu took the oath.

On September 20, Jaeyoon will be the site of the SF9 event.

On October 3, Minhyuk will star in the film MONSTA X.

The date of September 19th is when N.Flying will be at Cha Hun.

The release date of September 19 is confirmed to be Golden Child – Y.

On March 19, Kang Tae Oh will perform.

April 23rd is the date when Ha Sung Woon was crowned.

May 7th is the date when Yoo Young Jae was crowned.

Cha Seo emerged victorious on May 21.

Are you looking forward to their return in the coming year?

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