From Mistranslation to Laughter: Moonbyul’s Amusing Chat with Fans

The use of Google or Papago Translate has led to some hilarious and unusual translations. It’s worth noting that Moon Byul, the main rapper of MAMAMOO, had this experience firsthand when she mentioned on Fromm that her fans were curious about her return in February 2024.

A Twitter screenshot, shared by Google and Papago Translate, revealed Moon Byul’s words in a completely different context. The translation suggested that her comeback would deeply engage fans, while the other side translated it as “Well, I’m going to touch you” and “Wow, give it all to me”. This mix of humor caused some fans to laugh out loud and also playfully panicked when asked if she believed her music would resonate with fans like most of their idols did.

Despite this, fans found the mistranslation to be an odd fit and were divided by two opinions. One person believed it would bring emotional impact, such as sadness or humor, while another expressed disappointment that the idol wouldn’t pursue their hearts so passionately, but still ready for whatever she brings. This charming mismatch has brought much excitement to the fanbase, making fans even more hopeful about the February 2024 return.

Can you share a moment when you regretted translating something?

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