French TV news displays incorrect South Korean flag during coverage

An outraged netizen took to online community forums after the French media made an obvious mistake with the South Korean national flag.

The South Korean flag was the subject of attention, but the flag on the right side of the screen had an incorrect representation. Instead, the image had a central red circle that looked like the Japanese flag, rather than the original red-and-blue taegeuk design.

The mistake was not only shocking but also deeply offensive to Netizens, who were outraged by the French news outlet’s deceitful reporting. Many Korean users were particularly angry because the misrepresented flag bore a striking resemblance to the Japanese national flag, given the colonial history of Japan and Korea.

Despite the error, La Chaîne Info has not provided any additional feedback or explanation.

Netizens’ reactions included:.

“This is completely out of the ordinary. It doesn’t even resemble a Japanese or South Korean flag. I’m disgusted.”

It’s unbelievable, I can’t believe that such a good news show would do so.

“This could have been avoided if only a basic Google search was conducted.”

Where did they find that picture? It must have been a long search.

“It appears as if this is an act of defamation against South Korea.”

“I feel humiliated. This is a product of unsatisfactory international diplomacy.”

“Is this a deliberate decision?”

“Is this a deliberate act?”

“They must fulfill their duties with excellence.”

If the French flag were to be mistakenly tagged, “I wonder how they would react?”

“I had the impression that this post would be about a mistake, such as losing one of the four black trigrams…”

“This is reminiscent of ridicule directed towards South Korea.”

What is your perspective?

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