BLACKPINK’s Jennie kicks off 2024 with new photos and raises expectations for her Solo Activities with her own label “ODD ATELIER”

Happy New Year, Jennie from BLACKPINK sent out heartfelt messages of gratitude and best wishes for the year ahead. On January 1, she shared her thanks to Blinks on Instagram. She added, “I’ll be back to being amazing next year. Let’s all stay in good health and enjoy life. Goodbye 2023.”

Along with her message, Jennie was accompanied by several photos that showcased her charming personality. From her pretty Christmas tree to her stylish attire, she won numerous admirers.

In anticipation of 2024, Jennie has announced her plans to pursue solo activities by creating a new company called OA. She expressed her excitement and gratitude, calling on fans to continue supporting her new projects and BLACKPINK.

J’s (@jennierubyjane) post

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