BLACKPINK tops Idol Group Brand Reputation Ranking for December 2023

Based on data analysis of consumer participation, media activity, communication, community activity and other factors, the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation has released brand value rankings for Idols groups in December. Blackpink was the top performer for this month.

Since November, the brand reputation index of the superstars has increased by 118.35 percent to reach 5,711,207 while Blackpink’s overall positivity-negativity analysis shows a positive response rate of 93.09 percent.

NewJeans, BTS, Seventeen, Ive, Babymonster, Riize, Stray Kids, Le Sserafim, and Red Velvet were ranked from second to tenth.

According to my personal impression, I would rate the following shows as part of the December Idol Group: BLACKPINK (best in 2015), BTS4, SEVENTEEN5, IVE6, BABYMONSTER7, LE SSERAFIM10, RED DIVIDET8, Aespa12, Girls’ Generation15, TWICE16, NCT17, VIXX18, and ZEROBASEONE19.

Despite being out more than a year since their last proper release, @pink is still the number one favorite on the December Idol Group Brand Reputation Ranking.

“BLACKPINK is currently the top-ranked brand of the December Idol group on their own website and in comparison to other brands.

BLACKPINK topped the Idol Group Brand Reputation Ranking of December on, marking their first-place ranking.

Furthermore, Jennie from BLACKPINK was the most outstanding brand in terms of value among individual K-Pop idols during December, becoming the only female Idol to do so twice in history.

The K-Pop idol brand value rankings for December feature #JENNIE, #MINji, and/or #TAEYEON.

The personal idol group, consisting of boys and girls, will be represented by a single member. The username for this is #JENNIE and it can be found on Twitter at

The Idol Individual Brand Reputation for females has been won by #JENNIE, making her the only female Isolator to have achieved two consecutive victories. Additionally, Jennie is the first female Olympian to do so in 2020 and is joined by other Top 10 contestants such as #LISA and #JISOO.

Good luck!

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