After enduring for 43 years without divorce, she inherited 7 billion yuan in wealth after her husband’s death, known as the strongest original wife in history

Is love more significant in the entertainment industry than money?

After witnessing many actresses marry into affluent families, I came to understand that no love is more valuable than taking advantage of money.

While some actresses are highly intelligent, others plead with their husbands to love her exclusively.

The successful spouse, who maintains the status of a true wife, despises unpaid partners, and works hard for 43 years to receive billions from her husband, is nothing but that!

A dreary marriage that endures for 43 years.

He Lili from the Shaw Brothers became a deity that many people could dream of, and Zhao Shiguang, the Ship King’s son, couldn’t forget her.

The He Lili depicted in the movie is alluring, gorgeous, and charming. I wouldn’t want to experience her again until now.

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