2023 Melon Year-End Chart: The Top 50 Hit Songs Revealed

Which songs made it to the Top 50 Melon Year-End Chart in 2023?

Melon, the primary domestic music streaming provider in Korea, has established its charts as a faithful representation of the country’s music culture. The 2023 year-end chart displays the songs that received the most streams during the year, with the statistics being up until the end of January.

“Ditto” by NewJeans and “Hype Boy” from the previous year’s album, respectively, secured the top spot on this list.

NewJeans – Ditto is the top choice for you.

Hype Boy #2 by NewJeans


OMG, that’s it! #4 NewJeans.

Younha, #5 – Event Horizon.

Kitsch: #6 IVE

Queencard #7 (G)I-DLE

Let’s Say Goodbye #8 Parc Jae Jung –

Attention: #9 NewJeans.

If you leave a comment after LIKE #10, it will be recorded live.

The song “I Don’t Think That I Like Her” by Charlie Puth is ranked first, followed by Aespa’s “Spicy” at #12.

Asepa’s Spicy Song #12: #11 Charlie Puth – I Don’t Think That I Like Her#12.

The Antifragile by Le Serafim #13

Love Dive – #14 IVE

NewJeans – Super Shy #15

Le Serifafim’s Unforgiven (with Nile Rodgers) is featured in episode 17 of Seventeen BSS – Fighting #16, featuring Lee Young Ji.

Jisoo – Flower #18

Lim Young Woong’s Love Always Flees #19 is a cover of “I Can’t Get Over It” by Christopher Merriman.

Sung Si Kyung – Every Moment of You #20.

Below are the remaining items from #21 to #50.

Jungkook – Seven (with Latto) #21 (Clean ver.)

#22 Melomance – Love, Maybe?

#23 StAYC – Teddy Bear

DK – Heart #24

Charlie Puth’s Dangerous Comedy #25.

#26 LE SSERAFIM features the wives of Eve, Psyche, and the Bluebeard.

Candy: #27 NCT Dream – Candy

NewJeans – ETA: #28.

The second person in the list is An Nyeong – haeyo, who was born in 2022.

Seventeen’s Super Bowl elixir is worth checking out.

DrunKen Confession #31 by Kim Min Seok.

Nxde (G)I-DLE – #32

Love Lee #33 – AKMU.

Lim Young Woong’s Our Blues EP has a 34-part song chart.

Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI (#35) – Stay away?

Monologue from Tei #36

Gyeongseo Yeji and Jun Gun Ho’s song If You Lovingly Call My Name is the title of their 37th album.

The #38 BTS- Dynamite.

Charlie Puth’s character is hilarious, as seen in #39.

#40 H1-Key – Rose Blossom

Tom Boyle (G)I-DLE

If We Ever Meet Again by Lim Young Woong #42.

Huh Gak – With You #43

The song Onestar – Because I Don’t Love You has been recorded and is part of the 44th album.

ZICO – New Thing (feat. Homies) #45

The Springtime scene in BTS #46:

VIBE Taeyang (with BTS Jimin) in #47.

#48 AKMU – Fry’s Dream

BTS – Butter with #49 in it.

Without Me #50: Joo Ho.

Reactions comprise:

NewJeans fans are in awe of their music, as evidenced by the impressive number of songs on their list.

I just wanna say “Congrats Younha!”, “Whoa Seventeen BSS” and “Candy did a great job,” “I am so proud to be here”, etc.

“It’s all about Spring Day, I’m a little surprised by Sung Si Kyung,” “Queencard was outstanding when it was released in July,” and “HP is the best song summarily.”

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