2005-line female idol trainee from SM Entertainment gains attention for her visuals

A female idol trainee is attracting attention for her pictures.

A female trainee from SM Entertainment, whose identity remains unknown, is making waves on popular online community forums. The young talent is known for her stunning appearance, which was captured in a video released by the company’s training unit just last month.

The trainee is said to be the second person from the left in the video, as reported by the netizens. They are shown tackling EXO’s “First Snow” challenge.

A tweet from @sment_training.

Adding to the astonishingness of netizens, it was revealed that this gifted trainee was born in 2005. As one of SM’s current idol trainees and an early-bird for their next girl group, there are many rumors that she may feature.

Reactions comprise:

Lee Tae Im’s looks are incredibly mature for someone like her.

What is the definition of “cosmetic surgery?”

She’s really, really good looking.”

“Is she the upcoming Karina?”

She looks older than anyone from the ’05 line.”

“It’s possible that she’ll be the center of attention.”

“She possesses an influence.”

RIIZE’s recent release makes me doubt whether SM will begin a new group of girls anytime soon.

“She’s very good-looking.”

“It’s ironic that Karina was also greeted with similar reactions during her training, but she was later celebrated as a goddess after her first appearance.”

“She is already causing me to feel jealous lol”

“She’s more akin to an influencer than Irene or any other person.”

“You’re saying she’s younger than Minji from NewJeans and Sullyoon from NMIXX.”

Her looks were more similar to those of a ’95 liner than an.

“Who will be the successor to Karina?”

“Her name is unknown, but I am certain that she will become the new Karina” “Why are you so mean lol She’s incredibly pretty”

“I’m not sure if she fits the description of a typical girl group member, but her appearance reminds me of Seo Woo and Go Yoon Jung.”

What is your perspective?

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