Wang Shiling’s new painting won an award, and her father took a photo and performed a long leg disappearance technique. Netizens: It’s really a straight man’s perspective

Princess Wang Shiling grew up in a magical circle with the support of the stars and the moon, while the lights on the stage glow brightly. She seems to have been embraced by all the world’s love. But what is behind this radiant brightness? Who can truly understand her motivational spirit?

After Li Xiang and her former spouse Wang Yuelun shared pictures on social media of their daughter Wang Shiling winning an award, it was met with controversy when the netizens accused a single person of “straight man taking photos”. The photos unintentionally showed ‘a corner of this celebrity family’ but also provided us with recollection of the hidden moments under the superficial gaze.

Wang Shiling’s Return to China is once again a popular phenomenon, with netizens discussing his 400-yuan steamed buns and mysterious paintings that caused confusion among the masses.

Princess Wang Shiling, a professional entertainer, returned to China and caught the eye of many Chinese people. Her sharing of opulent steamed buns worth 400 yuan and three pieces with his father initially triggered rumors, while her release coincided with the unveiling of Wang’s new paintings that reignited discussion among netizens.

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