The National Critics Association of America awards the “Flower and Moon Assassin” Grand Prize

According to foreign media reports, the National Critics Association (NBR) Award was presented this year on December 28th in Beijing time. The awards included Flower and Moon Assassin’s Best Picture, Director, Leading Actress, and Outstanding Photography Achievements, as well as Alliance to Stay in School and Poor Things. Additionally, other categories were selected for the Top Nine Best Films of the Year, Best Animated Feature in the Universe, Judgment of Fall, International Film, Barbie, Oppenheimer, etc.

Best Picture.

Best Director.

Martin Scorsese

Who is the most talented actor?

Paul Giamarti.

Best actress.

Lily Gladstone.

The top supporting role?

Mark Ruffalo

The top supporting role?

Irrespective of Joey Randolph.

The NBR Icon Award is a significant recognition.

Bradley Cooper

The original script was written.

Staying in School Alliance, which is led by David Hemingway.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Tony McNamara is.

Best Breakthrough Performance

Tiana Taylor101>.

The Best Director’s debut film

The Life and Legacy of Celine Song.

The Most Excellent Animated Movie

The Best International Film Award has been won multiple times.

The Most Excellent Documentary

Best Group Play.

Unprecedented triumphs in action stunts.

Chad Starsky and Stephen Dunlev&Scott Rogers are both directors and action directors.

Unprecedented feats in the art of film photography.

Rodrigo Pluto, pictured

The Most Outstanding Picture of the Year (in alphabetical order):



Which are the top 5 International Films of the Year?

The Top Five Documentaries of the Year

The duration of my stay in Mariupol is 20 days.

The maximum number of sound segments in the 32 format>.

What are the top 10 indie films of all time?

The sequence of 1000 and 101 is given.

(Meng Qing)

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