The Golden Globe Awards in the United States announced nominations for Barbie Hammer as the leader

The 2024 Golden Globe Awards nominees in the United States have been announced, as reported by foreign media on December 28th. Barbie has received nine nominations, followed by Oppenheimer with eight, and then Flower and Moon Killer, Poor Thing, Past Life, Judgment of Fall, “War of Inheritance,” “Xiong Family Restaurant”, “Murder Case in Apartment Building”, and “Last Survivor” among others.

The plot of the movie:

Best Picture.

Best actress.

Annette Benning.

Lily Gladstone.

Sandra Wheeler is a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Greta Lee.

Kareem Reagan.

Carly Speeney

Who is the most talented actor?

Bradley Cooper

Leonardo DiCaprio:.

Coleman Domingo

Barry Kiorn.

Kirian Murphy

Andrew Scott

Animation music/commedia:

Best Picture.


Best actress.

Fantasy Polino

Jennifer Lawrence.

Natalie Portman.

Alma Posti

Margot Robbie

Emma Stone.

Who is the most talented actor?

Nicholas Cage

Timothy Chalame, the author.

Matt Damon.

Paul Giamarti.

The Huajin Phoenix is the name given to him.

Jeffrey White

The most remarkable supporting role of the movie.

A biography of Emily Bronte can be found here.

Daniela Brooks

Judy Foster.

Julian Moore

Pei Chunhua

Damin Joey Randolph.

Best supporting actor in the movie?

William Dafoe is the author who wrote “

Robert De Niro

Robert Downey Jr.

Ryan Gosling.

Charles Melton.

Mark Ruffalo

Best Director.

Bradley Cooper

Greta Geweig is a female.

Augus Lansmos is the name given to this event.

Christopher Nolan

Martin Scorsese

The Life and Legacy of Celine Song.

Best animated film.

What is considered the Best Foreign Language Film?

The top-notch screenplay is a testament to this.


The topmost position achieved.

The Most Excellent Song

“Incorporated into the Romance”

“Dance the Night” is a well-known track.

“I’m Just Ken”


“Ancient Path to Dignity”

>”What Was I Made For?”

The Cinema and Box Office Achievement Awards


Mission Impossible 7.

What is the meaning behind this sentence?

Picture of the story:

The Most Recommended Drama Series.


The first individual to hold the position of diplomat is this.

Best actress.

The year 1923 marked Helen Mirren’s birthplace.

Bella Ramsey

The person in question is Kelly Russell.

Sarah Snook:.

Amida Stanton.

Emma Stone.

Who is the most talented actor?

Brian Cox

The name given to this person is Keenan Karkin.

Gary Oldman

Pedro Pascal

Jeremy Strong

Dominic West.

Music Series/Comedy:.

The Most Recommended Drama Series.

The homicide investigation in the apartment complex.

Coaches of football

Best actress.

Rachel Brosnaan

Kunta Brenson:.

Ayu Advelli

Ellie Fanning

Selena Gomez:.

Natasha Leon

Who is the most talented actor?

Bill Harder.

The Apartment Building Experiment that resulted in Steve Martin’s death.

Jason Siegel,

Martin Short

Jason Sudeikis

The person in question is none other than Jeremy Allen White.

The top supporting role?

Abby Elliott

Christina Ritchie.

Elizabeth Debbie’s Crown

Hannah Wodingham (right)

Gene Smith Cameron

Meryl Streep:.

Best supporting actor

Billy Krupp

Matthew McFadden’s background is reflected in his work.

James Madden

Ebon Moss Bakrakh

Alan Luke.

Alexander Skasgardens.

Can you provide information on the limited time series, selected episodes, and TV and film categories?

The Most Recommended Drama Series.

Best actress.

Lily Koo:.

Brie Larson

Elizabeth Olsen

Juno Temple is a temple built on the foundation of ancient Rome.

Rachel Weitz.

Huang Ali

Who is the most talented actor?

Matt Pomo

Sam Clevelin

Joe Hamm.

Woody Harrison

David Oero

The name given is attributed to Steven Yuan.

Which TV stand up comedian is considered the top performer?

(Meng Qing)

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