The American Film Independent Spirit Award has announced nominations for multiple popular films on the list

Foreign media reports have announced that the Independent Spirit of American Film Award has nominated several directors and actresses for their films, including Jessica Chastan, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Ben Weasley.

The category of movies is the film genre.

Best Picture.

Best Director.

Andrew Hagrid, for instance.

Todd Heins.

William Alderoyd

Ella Sachs

The Life and Legacy of Celine Song.

Best Actor

Jessica Chastan

Greta Lee.

Tracy Lesseter

Natalie Portman.

Judy Reyes.

Franz Rogowski is.

Andrew Scott

Tiana Taylor101>.

Jeffrey White

Liu Taiwu

The top supporting role?

Erica Alexander

Sterling K. Brown

Noah Galvin

Anne Hathaway.

Glenn Houlton is a journalist.

Marlene Ireland

Charles Melton.

Damin Joey Randolph.

Katarina Savidra

Ben Weishaw

Best Breakthrough Performance

Marshall Lynch

Atiban Nazer.

Tia Nomer

Dominic Cesa,.

Anita Wali Zada

The top-notch screenplay is a testament to this.

Best Editing.

The Best Photography is a must-see.

The Most Excellent Documentary

Best Feature Film: First work

The sequence of 1000 and 101 is given.

The Best Original Screenplay

The Best International Film Award has been won multiple times.

Best Picture with a budget of less than $1 million was the recipient of the John Casaviti Award.

The Robert Ultraman Award is given to a film director, casting director and cast member who has worked on the project for at least two years.

The More Realistic than Fiction Award is given to newly emerging directors who have not been recognized for their non-fiction films.

Set Hernandez is the name of the person who spoke on the subject.

Laura Tomaselli and Jesse Short Bull

Sierra Urich:.

Obtainable as attention prize

Joanna Arnold

Laura Moss

Monica Sorrell:.

The Producer Award is worth celebrating.

Rachael Fung

Graham Swon.

Monica Walton

Dramatic series

The Best New Screenplay Series

Black people are like dreaming.

My zodiac sign is Virgo.

The Best New Screenplay Series/Documentary Series

Best New Screenplay Series Lead Actor

Emma Colin is the person in question.

Dominic Fishbach is the speaker.

Betty Gilpin

Jarel Jerome

Zoe Liszt Jones.

Beier Poli: Pol Pot.

Bella Ramsey

Ramon Rodriguez

Huang Ali

The name given is attributed to Steven Yuan.

New Script Drama’s best supporting role is its most notable.

Murray Bartlett

Billie Elish.

Jack Faxin

Nick Overman.

Adina Porter.

Lewis Pullman

Ben Safardi.

Luke Tanny

Olivia Washington.

Jessica Williams

The Drama’s Best New Screenplay Breakthrough Performance

Clark Bartzko

Alia Mia Lobotti

The Agani Salmon is a type of salmon.

Kevin Montreal Woodard

Kara Yang

Group Drama’s Best New Screenplay Series.

(Meng Qing)

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