The 4th “Light and Shadow China” Ceremony was held, and three generations of filmmakers passed down their legacy

Despite the cold wind outside, the atmosphere in the “Chuxin” report hall of People’s Daily and People’s Network remains warm and cozy as the fourth “Light and Shadow China” Honor Ceremony arrives as scheduled. This weekend brings together a number of filmmakers and media professionals who are eagerly anticipating the momentous occasion of Chinese cinema on the primary streaming media platform.

The auditorium was filled with stars on December 27th, including Wang Xiaotang, a film artist and screenwriter who won the 10th Mao Dun Literature Award, Hui Yinghong, Liu Jin, and xu Fan, as well as emerging talent Guo Fan and Jin Chen who were active in both front and center of the screen.

A grand ceremony saw a hundred boats vie for excellence, reputation, and outstanding work.

“It’s incredibly beautiful,” said one of the audience members, who had viewed it three times at the cinema and even bought their merchandise.

The “2022-2023 Honorary Recommendation Film” title for the movie “Wandering Earth 2” was announced jointly by Wang Xiaotang and Zhang Hong, Secretary of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, on stage, with the aim of elevating the atmosphere to its highest level.

“Wandering Earth 2” helped Director Guo Fan secure the title of “Media Attention Director 2022-2023” from Li Shaohong, President of the China Film Directors Association, while the Honor Promotion Committee and a large number of fans were also impressed by the sci-fi style of this event.

Guo Fan expressed his gratitude for the honor given to him twice, firstly at the ‘Light and Shadow China’ Honor Ceremony in Beijing. He also mentioned receiving the same award for “Wandering Earth,” which was part of the latter part with more than 200 performers from a variety of roles on stage and in the background.

The Party Committee’s Secretary, Chairman, and producer of China Film Group Corporation, Fu Ruoqing, also announced that the company will soon enter the closed creative stage.

The audience’s spirits were lifted by the resounding line from “Three Thousand Miles in Chang’an,” which made it seem like they should be in a more prosperous time than before, and resulted in an impressive performance.

According to Yu Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Chasing Light Animation and producer of “Chang’an 30000 Li”, the company aims to feature numerous remarkable figures in Chinese history, literature, and culture in the form of animated feature films.

The highlight moment features an actor standing at a hundred foot pole head.

Outstanding films are made by collaborating with exceptional filmmakers. At the grand event, Liang Xiaosheng revealed the “2022-2023 Honorary Recommended Screenwriter” and “Ran Ping, Ran Jia Nan, Wu Ershan, Cao ShengDirector WuErsHAN”.

During the award presentation, Ran Jianan disclosed that Director Ulsan’s initial requirement was not to depart from tradition when adapting the famous story of “Fengshen.” Although this section of the story would be considered legendary, they have already worked on exploring how to achieve integrity and innovation.

In addition to the grand productions of “Wandering Earth 2” and “Fengshen First: Chaoge Fengyun”, there are also many realistic themed films that depict the beauty of life with a beautiful landscape on the big screen in 2023. Wang Baoqiang from “Octagonal Cage” was named as the “2022-2023 Honorary Recommended Male Actor” for his role, and the same title is given to her for “I Love You!” Hui Yinghong for its first position within China’s direction.

“It’s my motto, movies are my life. I’m lucky to have found a good one.” Hui Yinghong expressed her joy at receiving the award, stating that she has collaborated with many new directors and made low-cost films over the years; “If you can find someone who loves movies, then it would be great for me to portray me in any role,” she said.

During this event, young filmmakers have gained experience in their careers. Kong Dashan and Liu Xiaoshi from the Universe Exploration Editorial Department received Honorary Newcomer Recommendation for Director Kong and Zhu Yilong for “Disappearing She”.

Jin Chen expressed gratitude for the chance to meet Anna Liang and break through. “It’s a brave step,” she said, adding that they have more good work ahead than expected.

A Hundred Flowers Bloom to Foster a Dynamic Film Country.

The “Light and Shadow China” Honorary Ceremony has always been committed to establishing a space for communication between filmmakers and media professionals. At the two light and film forums with the themes of “telling Chinese stories well to promote cultural confidence and self-improvement” and “building… strong film country to encourage industrialization and upgrade the film industry”, various guests provided their opinions, while also freely offering their suggestions on how to improve the quality of Chinese cinema.

The latest data reveals that all of the top ten box office films in 2023 in China are domestic, demonstrating the resilience and potential of Chinese cinema.

Li Shaohong believes that a good story must have both cultural roots and artistic ability to endure the rigors of time. “A story that vividly portrays characters, illuminates reality, emphasizes with life, and meets artistic standards is considered good.”

Yu Dong, the founder of Bona Film Group Co., Ltd. and Vice Chairman of the China Film Association, believes that post production is a significant change in Chinese cinema. It has achieved localization of special effects technology and can almost complete all postproduction processes with the strength of domestic talents. He also observed the growth of new post-production companies and the rapid progress of China’s film industrialization.

Rao Shuguang expressed his hope that the development of the Chinese cinema industry and industrial system, as well as the improvement in its level and continuous enrichment of film genres, would open up a more fertile ground for future audience base, market foundation, and emotional foundation.

“As someone who grew up in a good time, one should not let it go. “The ‘Light and Shadow China’ Film Honor Ceremony has been running for four years.” Zhang Hong, the ceremony’s director, expressed his belief that the authority, appeal, and influence of People’S Daily Online would motivate film workers to work harder.

The year 2023 is the perfect opportunity to fully embody the spirit of the 20th National Congress of China and promote the comprehensive recovery of films. We hope that film workers can use this “Light and Shadow China” Honorary Ceremony to explore and extract more spiritual symbols and essence of excellent traditional Chinese culture, make more contributions to the new journey of building a strong film country, and contribute the power of light and shadow tothe construction of modern Chinese civilization.

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