Release Poster Unprecedented New Challenge

According to foreign media reports, the chicken run is facing an unprecedented crisis after the poster for the sequel to the classic stop motion animated film “Chicken Run 2” was released on December 28th, Beijing time.

Adelman is still the producer of the film, and Bella Ramsey, Sandy Newton, Zachary Levy, Josie Sedgwick Davis, Jane Hollows, David Bradley, Ameda Stanton, Lynn Ferguson, Romesh Langanatan, & Daniel Mays are the voice actors.

The narrative depicts the chicks leaving the farm and settling on a pastoral island, where they settle in to fulfill their life dreams. A new crisis emerges as soon as they are exposed to someone who may have misbehaved or become homeless.

Released in 2000 by DreamWorks and Adman Animation Studio, the film was highly praised and received a 97% positive rating from Rotten Tomatoes. It was dubbed by Julia Shawaha, Mel Gibson, Miranda Richardson, Tony Haygas, Benjamin Vitso, Timothy Spo, Phil Daniels, and others.

The story centers on Tvidi and his wife, who are both from England. Their chicken farm is a source of immense greed, prompting the owner to repeatedly feed the hens and manipulate them into making chicken pies. Eventually, the chickens free themselves from Mrs. Tvisi’s grasp, with only one member appearing to be able to fly—that being an American rooster named Rocky.

(Meng Qing)

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