Recently, 5 celebrity properties have been forcibly seized! Freeze equity and restrict consumption, involving billions of dollars

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It is commonly believed that the New Year is going to be tough, but it is surprising that entertainment industry stars with unusually high incomes can still be associated with these four words. Five celebrity assets have been forcibly enforced, some have frozen their equity, and some are restricted from high consumption. The total debt of these five individuals is also over 100 million!

The amount of 50000 yuan was taken by Host Zhao Pu.

Before he writes this, the host Zhao Pu was not in debt. He was ordered to pay 50000 yuan to the plaintiff for suspected plagiarism in his account, and there should be an apology on the top of the page for any offense caused.

The money was repaid, but the apology was not fulfilled for an extended period. As a result, the plaintiff exposed the consumption restriction order and confronted Zhao Pu directly to safeguard his rights before the end of 2023.

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