Park Shin Hye and Kim Jae Young confirmed for fantasy romance drama ‘Attorney from Hell’

In 2024, Park Shin Hye and Kim Jae Young will be teaming up for a thrilling new fantasy romance, SBS’s ‘Attorney from Hell’.

The plot revolves around a devil from hell who is placed in the form of an attorney and witnesses to evil things through the eyes of its host. He vows to do justice to the wicked members of human society.

Kang Bit Na, the female lead in the story and a skilled and beautiful attorney on the outside, is sent from hell to capture and sentence vicious humans to eternal damnation. The character will play played by Kim Jae Young, who has the warmest of human hearts and cleverly observed detective skills, opposite Park Shin Hye.

The SBS drama ‘Attorney from Hell’, featuring Park Shin Hye and Kim Jae Young, is set to debut in 2024. Do you find the plot intriguing?

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