New drama “Apple Never Falls” exposes stills to examine family and marriage

“Apple Never Falls,” a new drama, marked its premiere on December 28th, Beijing time, with Anite Benin, Sam Neil, Alison Bree, Jack Lacey, Connor Merigan Turner, and Elsie Randalls portraying parents, children, family relationships, secrets, among other subjects, according to foreign media reports.

The novel of the same name, authored by Lian Moriarty, “The Big and Small Lies” and “Nine Perfect Strangers”, written by Melanie Manich (“Foresight” und “Extramarital Affairs”), will be adapted and debut on Peacock in March next year.

Stan and Joey Delaney, who were once tennis coaches, have sold their thriving tennis academy and are now enjoying a comfortable retirement with their four grown children. However, they faced unforeseen challenges when an unwell young woman unexpectedly appeared, leading to the discovery of hidden family secrets.

(Meng Qing)

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