Jing Boranfang is cracking down on counterfeits online! Reported that there have been unidentified individuals impersonating its staff recently

On December 29th, Jing Boran Fang took to the internet and issued a statement about the recent incident where an unknown person impersonated his studio staff and falsely claimed to be able to contact him for work.

A recent statement from Jing Bairan Studio revealed that a person who calls themselves “Bi Jiayang Victor” is not affiliated with the studio. This has caused significant issues for all parties involved, as many industry insiders are mistaking their association with JING BaiRAN for brokerage cooperation.

The studio is resolute in its condemnation of the person’s irresponsible and misleading behavior, and has the authority to hold them legally accountable. It also advises everyone to contact the studio in a formal manner.

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