Former B.A.P member Daehyun joins Jongup at MA Entertainment

Jung Daehyun, a former B.A.P member and solo artist, has signed an exclusive agreement with MA Entertainment, suggesting his return to the K-entertainment industry.

Moon Jongup, a former B.A.P member and current resident of MA Entertainment, released his second solo mini album ‘Some’ in October of this year.

MA Entertainment expressed their gratitude for Jung Daehyun’s new label appearance, stating that it was an honor to work alongside someone with diverse talents in music, acting, and musicals.

During his time with the agency, Daehyun also shared a message with fans, saying, “I took XIV days off after my mandatory military leave, so I will do my best to welcome my fans again in style. It’s great to work with Jongup again at Y Entertainment and I ask that you all support me as I continue my journey with MA Entertainment.”

Below, you can see the artist’s new profile photos with MA Entertainment.

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