Fan review: Excellent acting skills, strong lineup

The movie “Golden Fingers” was viewed by 31 fans on December 27th, after Xiaolang led them to Beijing. The film scored 9.43 points and recounted the experience of poor men who spent 100 yuan in exchange for a lavish lifestyle while subverting rules to gain power and wealth. Jiawen Group went from being an unknown entity to going bankrupt in fewer than two years, with its market value dropping over 10 billion dollars.

@My Demon Leader is granted 10 points.

To start off, I want to thank the Weibo viewing group for giving me the opportunity. I was very fortunate to have actors such as Teacher Andy Lau, Teacher Tony Leung, and Teacher Choi Chow yan on site.

The CPs of @Dream come out at 8 points.

It took Andy Lau and Tony Leung 21 years to revive their partnership in Hong Kong, where they teamed up to launch a black-and-white battle with “golden fingers” to level out monsters. Baijiu’s red face and gold heart were symbolizing the bucket of gold that some people could earn through opportunistic means.

Yuzhang Xiaoxianshi scored 9 points.

Andy Lau and Tony Leung reunited at the Beijing premiere of “Golden Finger,” 40 years after “The Deer and the Cauldron” and 20 years before in their collaboration with Infernal Affairs. Back then, they had created a divine existence and rescued the declining Hong Kong film. The black and white undercover agents in Inheritance were back on stage once again. When the trailer for “golden finger” was released to satisfy all the hype, the movie was the opposite of what was promised by “Infernagarus.”

@Buddha stated that void is also 416 10 points.

The movie was filled with intense passion and excitement, whether it was Cheng Yiyan’s recklessness and opulence, his extravagant spending habits in Hong Kong, the stock market game, or Andy Lau’S portrayal of a police officer who has worked hard for over ten years to become corrupt and is now murdered.

Maintaining Neptune for 9 points.

An annual masterpiece is based on real-life cases of financial crimes in Hong Kong during the 1970s, where investors faced a roller coaster of emotions and fear.

With 8 points, the @Wai Orange Star R is rated highly.

Golden Finger has challenged the understanding of traditional Hong Kong films. It is an unconventional Hong-Kong film. After two decades, Tony Leung and Andy Lau reunited, as if they were transported back to their youth. Liang Chaowei’s small curly hairstyle was perfect for him, not greasy, but also gave people a fierce feeling. Tony LEUNG’S portrayal of AN inept financial magnate and second from opposite are full of tension and provocation, resembling that of ROCK TENDER ME.

The Xiaotianhe was awarded 9 points.

First things first, I’m very excited to see this movie!’ I also have a strong connection with the Emperor Cinema: “The story goes on so much… insane and brutal….” The scenes depicting money dealings and power are all powerful; the golden undertones remind me of Hong Kong glamour at one time or another….It’s amazing when people talk about Cheng Yiyan that it is such an imaginative adventure. Why?

Cherie from Firefly scored 10 points.

Cheng Yiyan, also known as “White Gloves,” is the main character in the film who traveled northward to Hong Kong searching for gold. He once begrudgingly went hungry, lived in a cage house without any money and spent his days trying to save money. However, he eventually became engrossed in its financial world by selling land, buying real estate, operating businesses, and owning companies. This was notably different from previous films where some individuals such as myself were considered billionaires.

Water Ice Beaver – 10 points

The acting skills of the entire team are generally lacking, and Rocket’s cast, including some high-profile stars in Hong Kong movies, is truly exceptional. This collaboration was a rare find in the current film industry. I have been impressed by this team twice, particularly with Infernal Affairs and having watched it for years until now.

A 10-point recommendation from JM Sheep.

After Infernal Affairs, the two actors reunited and returned for another cat and mouse crime film set twenty years later, but this time at a much higher level of economic crime: The historical background of Hong Kong society’s rampant corruption, including the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (CBOI) in 1987, which chronicles the skyrocketing stock market; however, it is interesting to note that Tony Leung Chiu wai became progressively larger as an individual from small-scale delinquency with money.

Huo Zihua de Lulu received a score of 10/10.

The idea of Tony Leung and Andy Lau working together for twenty years was unexpected. They both watched the sparks of movie stars play together as teenagers, which was a visual feast to behold.

10 points are awarded to @-Theresa Lee.

My love for Hong Kong movies, particularly those with criminal and suspense elements, has led me to consistently watch them. The only option was the original Cantonese dubbing for a better experience. Before watching Golden Finger, I read the trailer. Ah Yan had his assistant as soon as possible after being caught by Ah Nan’s friend (who played Count Khao-Khan), who later became an informant in China.

10 points has been awarded to @Shunguo Guo.

In 20 years, the two prominent movie stars will exchange their black and white attire. One is a financial magnate, while the other is the Independent Commission Against Corruption. After more than ten years of scrutiny, they will uphold justice and remain present. This is what it takes! Andy Lau is honest and handsome, but so is Tony Leung, who is greedy and cheap. It’s long since I last saw such an arrogant villain! Even with correct glasses, it’ll be impossible to conceal the fact that these two movie star, which was this person

@Doraemon, who has a passion for chicken legs, receives 10 points.

When I was a kid, I saw the movies Deer and Cauldron. Tony Leung played Wei Bing, while Andy Lau had some babyfat in his role as Kangxi. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how invincible these actors were after watching “Infernal Affairs” for the first time. This golden finger has been cooperating even after twenty years; it’s great to see both sides changing sides.

The score for heart in @Desert – Heart is 9.

The film, which was based on a true story and after two decades, features passionate and exciting actors who collided with each other. It depicts the crazy times of gold mining, including iconic structures bathed in golden light, beautiful knives piled up on tables, and the power/desire collisions that reflect the human heart’s greed.

The @Beach Love Song W Fairy Tale Breaking is worth 10 points.

The initial impression left after watching it is exhilarating and classic. Looking back at the first trailer and movie poster that I watched on Golden Finger, I have been enamored with this film because it brings together exceptional talents such as director Zhuang Wenqiang, Andy Lau, and Tony Leung. As for me, their partnership is already a success story; the plot of Golden Fidelity and the supporting material is even more shocking than the actual film. It’s destined to be remembered and people can reminisce

@Cloud Love Fragrance requires 10 points.

This is one of the top ten mysteries in Hong Kong, with nine of them having related films, except for the Jia Ning case, which was filled by the movie Golden Finger. Its main focus is on the financial side of this case; it has generated billions of dollars in recent years and some rather bizarre killings. The end result is also regrettable, as it only took three years to be out in prison, of which over a year was spent not in jail, and the parties are now in seclusion. From any perspective, at least given that this white gloved,

8 points to the artist @Hitbyfeeling.

The reuniting of two former superstars brings back the time when Hong Kong was at its peak, with Tony Leung Chiu wai’s turn from stone being an exaggerated and magical moment.

A Squirrel with 10 points.

The Infernal Affairs Queen, the second collaboration between Hong Kong’s two celebrated film stars, was finally on my radar. The movie chronicles the era in Hong-Kong during the 1970s and 1980s, when Cheng Yiyan went from being destitute to amassing a vast fortune and ultimately finding himself imprisoned due to the financial crisis.

Enjoy a refreshing drink of Melon coconut juice, earning you 10 points.

The 20-year anniversary of their first collaboration, Andy Lau and Tony Leung are now in the lineup, ensuring that the Hong Kong film industry is flawless! Chaohua is gradually becoming charming, and the exterior packaging of the premiere cinema is a stunning setting. It matches the decor of its building perfectly. The movie has alternating plots with ups and downs, with some suspense set up and presented through the narrative method of reverse narration and interlude.The final part of this revelation is somewhat similar to an earlier

The score of @Da Li Bing is 10 points.

Turning stones into gold, becoming rich and prosperous throughout the year. I have come to understand more about caution when entering the stock market with apprehension. It is suggested that we can have broader knowledge of stocks before watching it so that our understanding can be better understood. This Hong Kong film is one of the most classic ever produced. Huazai and Weizai worked together on set, creating enduring memories. There was no doubt about the quality of movie actors. The other supporting actors were also impressive.

Can @Lulu Te Provide a Reliable 10 Points?

Despite two hours of viewing, I remain content with the movie. The film showcases the rise and fall of the Hong Kong stock market during its golden age, as well as the exploits carried out by Tony Leung and Andy Lau. Although the story is peaceful, there are actually many ordinary people who have been deceived.

Benny earns 8 points for @Blue Xiao’s achievement.

After many years, Andy Lau and Tony Leung will meet up again on the mountaintop. This New Year’s Eve film can be a hit with Hong Kong fans who love films like this one. “Golden Finger” is centered around luminous golden lights, and the overall visual feel is like that of rain or snowstorm. I also appreciate Cheng Yiyan’S ability to turn stones into gold. He controls the stock market effortlessly, making people feel good about him. The plot is not brain burning, but it does have some.

@Chris_Entertainment 10

Following their success with “Infernal Affairs”, Andy Lau and Tony Leung, the two Best Actors, reunited after 20 years in Zhuang Wenqiang’s guidance. Although they had high expectations before watching it, they were not disappointed by this one! The film is different from the traditional “two male” setting, with Andy le

10 points has been awarded to Xiaobai Shenshen.

The Weibo viewing group’s support has been invaluable. My aspirations were fulfilled after witnessing Huage and Weizai in the same frame. It was a thrilling experience! Director Zhuang Wenqiang portrays the legendary and violent “Jia Ning case” in true spirit, while Weifai presents an aggressive yet heartless villain.

Small D is considered a positive outcome by activists, earning 10 points.

The movie’s plot centers around financial crimes in Hong Kong, with Tony Leung playing Cheng-Shek during a separate event.

8 points to @ZZ fan girl.

Those who are fans of Hong Kong cinema, this is a multi-million dollar fraud that caused an internet sensation. The group that organized me was fortunate enough to witness the film in 2023. From sexy nomads to old guardians, I had fifteen years on end.

A total of 10 points can be obtained from a base @Sugra 66248.

The movie “Golden Finger” has left me feeling extremely happy. It is a reflection of real-life events, reflecting the essence of humanity and morality. The plot is cleverly crafted using financial capital to reveal Cheng Yiyan’s secret methods for earning 10 billion yuan and living opulent lives. This is simply incredible.

10 points can be earned by @Quiet Jessica.

The Weibo viewing community deserves credit for enabling us to watch movies in advance. It’s truly dreamy to witness such exceptional Hong Kong film talent, including Andy Lau and Tony Leung. The films have a Hong-Kong vibe, the style of Zhuang Wenqiang’S past films, but they are entirely different. They have an impressive storyline, long time-lapse, good and evil, and both male and female roles.

A score of 10 is given to @Ting shoot.

The partnership between the two male gods is very heartening, and Asa’s makeup in the drama is too beautiful and charming. This movie taught me a lot about the “stock market” and how it works. No matter how they enter, there is always realism. Don’t try to participate by jumping into the bull market.

The score for @Bressnon was 7.

It’s a challenge to see Andy Lau and Tony Leung working together again after many years. The chance to collaborate has become scarcer, and we should cherish this rare partnership. Their past mistakes have left an indelible mark on their minds. This film is full of Hong Kong culture and chronicles the various events that occurred during the turbulent period.

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