BTS V’s (Kim Taehyung) handsome face graces 2,400+ ‘Compose Coffee’ shops across South Korea

V of BTS, also known as Kim Taehyung, is a constant presence during his birthday month. Along with the hundreds of fan birthday projects, his face is now showcased on coffee shops across the nation.

Taehyung was announced as the new face of ‘Compose Coffee,’ one of South Korea’s biggest coffee chains, a week ago, with the aim of increasing brand awareness and expediting global expansion.

“Compose Coffee’s representative expressed their delight at working with a globally recognized artist who is universally beloved, regardless of gender or age. The collaboration with BTS V will lead to even more growth in the coming year. This partnership represents an important step forward.”

In celebration of Taehyung’s 28th birthday, the proprietors of ‘Compose Coffee’ have put his charming image on their glass windows to draw in customers.

The official website states that there are currently 2,414 franchise stores of ‘Compose Coffee’. In Seoul and other major cities, a store is available every few blocks.

Fans were thrilled to see Taehyung’s face all over the place and mingled with the delicious food menu at the shops. The release of the ‘V drink,’ cup holders, and TV commercials is highly anticipated.

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