Amazon’s multiple new films are scheduled to be released, with Johnson, Hathaway, and Girnhaal joining in

According to reports from foreign media, Amazon has announced that several new films are set to be released on December 28th at Beijing time:

The upcoming movie “Red Number One” featuring Johnson and Chris Evans will hit North American theaters on November 15th next year, followed by Amazon streaming.

Liu Yuling, Qilan Shipka, J.K. Simmons, Bonnie Hunter, Christopher Hayview, Nick Kroll, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and Wesley Cunmore were all cast in the film, which also featured Jack Kasdan (of the California Passion and Brave Game series) as the lead actor. Chris Mohn, who worked on several Fast and Furious films, wrote the screenplay.

The storyline is kept under wraps and characterized as an action-themed adventure comedy that travels around the world, covers four regions, and includes holiday elements.

“About Your Thoughts,” a romantic comedy film featuring Anne Hathaway and Nicolas Galizina, is set to premiere on Amazon streaming on May 2nd next year.

“Focus on Sophie, a 40-year-old woman (Hathaway) who was divorced by her husband Dan and had to cancel her trip to Kochella. She struggled to fit in with her daughter due to the crowds and desert heat, but she eventually met Hayley B. Shaw when she visited them at Yenza. The movie is directed by Michael Shawo and is based on Robinne Lee’s best-selling novel.

“Dragon Quest,” a reboot of the action thriller starring Jack Gyllenhaal and directed by Doug Riemann, will be released on Amazon on March 21 next year.

The narrative centers on Dalton, a former UFC fighter, who was employed as sailor in an unrefined hotel in the Florida Archipelago. However, his character soon realizes that things aren’t always as they seem in this tropical escape.

The debut of Connor McGregor as a non-original character will be marked by the success of Cass’ screenplay, which includes scriptwriters Billy Magnussen, Daniela Manchiwo, Gimisola Ekumero and Lucas Gage, and actors Anthony Bagroz (Detective Endurance) and Chuck Mondrey.

Roddy Harrington directed the original 1989 film, which starred Patrick Switz, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliott, and Ben Gozana. The movie follows Dalton’s successful bodyguard who relocated to a disorganized Missouri town to clean up ruined bar, while also uncovering the wrongdoing of local businessmen and bullies.

(Meng Qing)

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