All HYBE Labels artists release an update on legal measures against actions infringing on the rights of artists

On December 29 KST, all six domestic labels associated with HYBE Labels issued an update on legal measures taken to protect label artists from rights violations.

The updates comprise legal safeguards meant to protect the rights of 10 artists under HYBE Labels, which include BTS, Baekho, Hwang Min Hyun, Seventeen, fromis_9, TOMORROW x TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, and &TEAM.

The statements released by all labels responsible for managing the artists mentioned indicate that numerous malicious commenters who misuse online communities to defame and slander artists, spread false rumors, sexually harass artists etc are facing criminal consequences. For instance, a suspect who was found to have repeatedly created malicious online posts about fromis_9 was penalized 3 million KRW ( $2,300 USD).

Members of LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans, some of whom are underage, were targeted by malicious commenters who made online posts containing sexual harassment and/or shaming allegations.

Moreover, a’saseng’ who violated the rights of BTS members and sent thousands of letters and packages to the artists’ homes caused harm to their family members was penalized for stalking. Additionally, other legal cases concerning alleged psychiatric inmates breaching privacy are currently being investigated.

Big Hit Music confirmed to its fans that legal action against malicious actors who violate the rights of BTS members while they are away for mandatory military duty will be carried out, as is the case with a person who is being tried for pretending to be the artists on SNS and leaked unreleased material.

Ultimately, all labels agreed to keep an eye on various SNS and online community portals to safeguard the rights of their artists and seek no-feating punishments for those found guilty of malicious intent.

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