A well-known Hong Kong actress committed suicide by burning charcoal at home. After two marriages, she has four sons

The Hong Kong media reported this afternoon that Lai Shuxian, the former Miss Asia runner-up, had committed suicide by burning charcoal at her home at the age of 45. This news is unfortunate because she has also appeared in the upcoming drama “Law and Love” as well. The editor wrote an article about her just a few days ago, and it was beyond anyone’s expectations to do so.

Li Shuxian was a part of several movies and TV dramas during the 1990s, but her initial recognition came from her portrayal of Arthur Yam’s girlfriend, Fang Ting, in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. This role stunned many people and became cherished by generations.

Having been married to Lu Huiguang, a Hong Kong actor, for 8 years, Lai Shuxian spent the majority of their time in the entertainment industry and focused on family matters. However, this marriage ended when she had personality issues that caused her to end it. After divorce, Li Shuquan met her current husband, who appeared happy about their relationship. They had two sons together, and she became accustomed to spending time at home with her four children. Social media often shows jealous images showing pictures of her three son families, including one boy boy girl, which are half fathered by

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