A former female idol appears as a cast member on TVING’s ‘Transit Love’ season 3 with her ex

One of the former female K-Pop idols stole the show with her appearance on TVING’s ‘Transit Love’ season 3.

On December 29 at 12 PM KST, the third season of a highly successful dating reality show kicked off, featuring four new “ex-couples” who were investigating why their previous relationships had resulted in breakups.

The cast of ‘Transit Love’ season 3, episode 3, is presented below, along with eight other individuals.

A particular person’s appearance left many people wondering, “Where is that face?”

The first female cast member, Song Da Hye, was a former 3rd generation K-Pop idol named Dahye from BESTie. He made his debut with the band in 2013 but left in 2017 before the entire team disbanded.

‘Transit Love 3’, featuring Lee Yong Jin, Simon D, yura from Girl’s Day, and kim Ye Won, is only available on TVING every Friday afternoon at 12 PM KST.

Do you enjoy watching the ‘Transit Love’ series?

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