Zhao Yazhi and Liu Xiaoqing: The two biggest “photo scams” in the entertainment industry, the gap between refined and refined student images is too large

At the conclusion of the 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival, Zhao Yazhi was present. On December 25th, she shared a picture and declared, “Embrace the freshness of light and shadow, and partake in the feast of lights and sounds.”

Zhao Yazhi’s neatly trimmed hair is evident, with curling up, flawless makeup, and a slim waistcoat that covers her hips, creating an elegant appearance.

Zhao Yazhi’s retouched image depicts her skin as fair, smooth and firm, with no wrinkles on her face and no discernible surplus of fat on the body.

Looking at her retouched pictures, it’s hard to believe that she was even 70. Some people think she could be 40 when she is in such a state.

The “Immortal Goddess” is, in essence, nothing more than a facade created by retouching beauty for the sake of looking beautiful. When it arrives at the scene where the photo was taken, its true form is immediately apparent.

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