Xiao S’s daughter has been criticized by Taiwanese netizens for playing with borderline styling and narrowly missing out. Xiao S responded that she is still competing in female competitions

Although not as popular as before, Xiao S (the former queen of variety shows) often found herself in the spotlight thanks to her two daughters. Recently, netizens in Taiwan province took to social media after she posted holiday photos and dance videos, which were met with intense criticism.

During the recent marketing day for a group of celebrity artists, the Little S family won’t want to miss out on catching some steam. Xu xiwen, her eldest daughter, initially showed off some gorgeous pictures and then shared videos of her sisters’ hot dance, which received feedback from viewers.

The short clip features Xu xiwen in a sequin skirt with bare back and waist, exuding sexy style. Her profile video clearly shows that the focus of this ensemble is on her figure, as well as the characteristic “you have figured out,” sort of look like someone watching TV.

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