Sung Si Kyung shares shocking story of the reality of TVXQ’s overwhelming fan frenzy

On December 26 KST, Changmin from TVXQ made a special appearance on Sung Si Kyung’s Youtube channel and entertained her during an episode.

During the episode, Sung Si Kyung shared an incident that highlighted TVXQ’s massive popularity. He initially mentioned, “I saw Yunho on a variety show, and we got to talk when his phone battery ran out.”

Continuing, “Yunho’s phone rang non-stop. He kept checking it, and the calls just started.” The speaker continued: “One day, his phone battery died. I had to replace it with a new one. It was unexpected that he had four batteries in his bag.”

Yunho’s situation was attributed to his phone number being known to fans, which surprised Sung Si Kyung. He responded by saying that even after changing his number, fans would still be able to locate him and give him credit.

Yunho remained composed and unfazed by the unexpected phone problems, asserting, “It’s not like it happened to me. It’ll happen anyway.”

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