NewJeans, IVE, and Pinkfong join the prestigious ‘Billions Club’ in Melon’s Hall of Fame

The ‘Billions Club’, which includes NewJeans, IVE, and Pinkfong, has been added to Melon’s Hall of Fame in the artist category.

On December 27, Kakao Entertainment announced the artists who recently joined the ‘Billions Club,’ a special category created by Melon to celebrate significant achievements in music streaming. The upcoming Hall of Fame is divided into two sections: the Albums Section (Million) which has over 1 million streams within ten days of release, and the Artists section (Beaucoup de Chevalier; “Artists” with more than 1 billion streams since their debut).

Melon’s catalogue is made up of roughly 3 million artists as of December, with only 103 of them having reached the total number of 1 billion streaming subscribers. NewJeans, IVE, and Pinkfong have garnered significant attention from fans, placing them in the ‘Billions Club.’

‘Ditto’ maintained its place at the top of Melon’s weekly chart for 14 weeks from 2022 to 2023, making them the fastest artist to enter the ‘Billions Club’.Notable: Despite this, NewJeans managed to break their own record with 498 days left on the clock, setting another new record by staying in the world’S Top 10 for the longest period this year (‘Hype Boy’ reached 200 million streams and was one of the slowest growing).

With the addition of IVE, they celebrated their second anniversary by achieving 1 billion streams. This was in addition to their previous 2nd year of being awarded major MMA major awards. Their 2022 hit song “LOVE DIVE” also helped bring them into the club with over 220 million streams, thanks in part to Melon’s annual chart.

Known as the ‘president for toddlers,’ Pinkfong was the first character IP to join the Billions Club. With 2,666 songs released, she is the artist with the most tracks among artists in the club and their most popular song so far (‘Baby Shark’) has now reached over 632 million streams, breaking the streaming record.

The arrival of a range of notable female groups from within the country and international superstars at the ‘Billions Club’ has put spotlight on which artists will make an impact on Melon in the next year.

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