Li Shanjun was found dead in the car, and the police will end their investigation into his suspected drug use case

The South Korean artist, Lee Sang jung, has been accused of drug use, leading to the closure of the case in Korean entertainment.

Li Shanjun was taken into custody by the police in October of this year for allegedly using drugs multiple times at the residence of employee A in a particular entertainment establishment. The police conducted several drug tests on him but did not detect any drug-related reactions. Later, on the 19th of that month, Li Shun stated that the authorities conducted ‘a high-intensity investigation’ solely based on A’s testimony, and demanded that he use Xanax to confront him face-to-face with AN detector.

Lee Sang jun’s family reported that she had left home last night after leaving a note that looked like he was going to kill himself, and South Korean police discovered his car and the deceased Lee Song Jun in his vehicle near Wolong Park in Seoul at around 10:30 am.

Li Shanjun’s suspected drug use case will be closed due to the police’ lack of authority to prosecute, as per South Korean laws. Guo Mingdong/All rights reserved. Mydaily prohibits reposting and returning. View more information about the closure.

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