Korean netizens react to the news of Lee Sun Gyun’s passing

It was previously reported that actor Lee Sun Gyun had been found unresponsive in a car and has since been confirmed as deceased.

The actor had been involved in drug disputes lately, and despite his negative drug test results and the actor’s claim of inhaling a sleeping pill through his nose, he remained in the limelight.

Before leaving his house, Lee Sun Gyun had purportedly written a note to his wife that looked like ‘will’ according to reports.

Korean internet users flooded their country with opinions on the issue.

“Who’s left out of the family? It seems irresponsible.”

“I wouldn’t have taken my own life if I were an average person, but with him being such a well-known figure and getting caught up in the limelight, I doubt I would have been prepared to put up with it.”

It’s a wound to the rest of this family.’ ‘There are still people who miss out on everything and it is much worse for some in particular.

“Irresponsibility is a given until the end. What actions should his family take?”

I’m writing for the first time ever since Lee Sun Gyun incident, and I find it revolting how people are so easily offended by celebrities being drugged into working in their private lives. It’s their family business, not their own affairs. “As third-party individuals, do we have a right to speak out against drugs when we can only criticize the stars who continue to work even after using drugs,” said one comment.

You can be punished and live well again, but if something unfair happened, you should try to find a way to overcome it. What is the point of this? How would the rest of your family benefit from such an experience without any consequences? “Why don’t you just pay for what you’ve done and think about yourself now,” she said.

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