First marriage radio DJ, second marriage singer, third marriage 27 year younger beauty, now 61 years old. How is it now

A concert in Tokyo on October 3rd saw Li Zongsheng, who was only a “songwriter,” singing his classic songs in tenor and chorus, using improvised sound effects like juggernauts or flying saucers.

The 44th performance of Li Zongsheng’s “Year of Songs” tour features a touching scene filled with emotion and humor, featuring the song “Let Me Be Happy, Let Me be Worried” by Zhou Huajian and Fei Niao Liang.

Li Zongsheng has been responsible for over 300 songs, collaborated with almost 70 singers and artists, and his famous works have been performed in China for 50 years, leaving a lasting impression on people’s lives.

“Elves in Life”, “Enduring Loneliness”, and his other songs, “Awakening from Dreams” and “I am a Little Bird”, were among the songs he performed at the concert, along with “Understanding”, Cloudy Days, and Hills.”

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