12 days after Zhou Haimei’s death, fans visit villas in Beijing, and the desolate vegetable garden. Mother has returned to Hong Kong with ashes

Despite the passing of the goddess Zhou Haimei, the studio remains in shock as it has only been reported that the farewell ceremony has been completed without any official announcement from fans or industry friends. Fans visited her villa in Beijing on December 22nd to learn about her life journey, which garnered significant attention from netizens.

The Wanwanshu Villa area where Zhou Haimei lived before her death was not open to the public, but a fan who worked there caught spotting her home. As per the photos, the vegetable garden outside the villa has been covered in heavy snow, which is reminiscent of the lush greenery she had exposed before passing away. Many fans claim that looking at this desolate vegetablegarden makes them feel extremely uncomfortable and remind them of their own lives.

Moreover, the photographer disclosed what was happening inside the villa. At present, however, all the rooms remain empty, and the door is tightly locked, while Zhou Haimei’s pet is also missing. According to reports, her mother has now returned to Hong Kong, China with her daughter’ashes and pets, allowing her to return to her homeland. The burial site of Zhu Hamilie has not been determined yet, but there are suggestions that she may be laid to rest at the Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery, becoming a known as in this year.

Zhou Haimei has been deceased for 12 days. Despite the passing of her beloved partner, fans continue to cry for her. Many fans expressed their sadness at hearing about her sudden death and the uncertainty of future events. Looking back, it was clear that she had been struggling with lupus erythematosus for years, seeking medical attention. However, this did not resolve the issue that initially appeared to be a temporary calmness.

Zhou Haimei’s death has left a lasting impact on the lives of many. The characters she brought to life, including “Zhiruo”, will forever be remembered by their fans. May she continue to live happily in paradise without the burden of illness.

The continuation of Zhou Haimei’s story has not been made public yet, but admirers have conveyed their intention to remain attentive and miss this timeless deity. Meanwhile, I encourage her family to move past the sadness and embrace the beauty of the future with courage.

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