Weibo viewing groupBeijing premiere free ticket grabbing

This event will not be granted in its own right. Winners will receive official WeChat announcements.


The presence of the primary creator (in case of actual attendance)

The activity that occurs:

Wednesday, December 27.

The check-in time is between 14:10 and 15:05.

The screening time is from 15:10 to 17:15.

The time frame for post-screening interaction is 17:15-17:35.

The event is being screened at the cinema.

The Emperor Film City of Beijing is located there.

Rules of participation:

Don’t miss out on following Watching Group.

Send the below Weibo viewing group topic to others.

To complete the registration process, click on the [+Participate in Activity] button that appears below the link.

The start of the movie:


Zhuang Wenqiang holds the position of Director.

Zhuang Wenqiang is the screenwriter.

The cast includes Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Joey Tsai, David Yam, and James Fong.

Categorization: Place, Delayed Death, Punishment

The country/region of origin is Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, and the mainland China.

Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese are the two spoken languages.

December 30, 2023 (Chinese Mainland) is the anticipated release date.

The duration of the exercise is 125 minutes.

The Goldfinger is also referred to as such.

Watching poor men use all means to subvert rules and play with a net worth of billions by investing 100 yuan in exchange for luxuries! Jiajiang Group’s market value plummeted from underworld to bankruptcy within months, while Cheng Yiyan (played by Tony Leung) transformed from coveted stock symbol to street performer that everyone idolizes.

Kindly keep in mind that:

The on-site staff will capture photos during check-in, viewing, group photos, interviews, and other events. The photo materials will be used for promotional purposes only. After registering, the viewing team has full photo usage rights for the entire event.

Review of film:.

To enter the competition, all contending members must visit the online platform before 23:59 on December 28th to rate this film and submit an original review of 140 words or less. The long review function is available for those who participate.

The format for expressing your thoughts is:

The submission of original comments by Tony Leung, Andy Lau, and Golden Finger Reputation is considered the most serious way to increase future viewing opportunities. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited while those who do so are subject to blacklisting and being blacklisted.

Information about the cinema:

The Emperor Group Center, B1/F, is situated at 12 Jianwai Street in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Prompt ticket request?

One ticket will be awarded to every lucky participant. Those who win will receive a private message on their official WeChat account between December 25th and 26th. Please read it carefully as your eligibility for the prize is immediately undone and your submission will not be accepted.

It’s not acceptable to shoot a screen in the theater, so please show respect for film art, copyright, and avoid being subjected to any kind of shooting.

In relation to transgressions:

To facilitate the registration of more netizens, it is recommended that you avoid using multiple Weibo accounts as your account will be blocked if found.

Those who have confirmed their participation in a private message and request leave again will lose their chance to win the next month.

Those who are absent without justification will lose their chance to win within the next three months.

If a review is found to be invalid and not submitted within the specified timeframe, or if it is suspected of plagiarism and patchwork, then it will be blacklisted permanently for 3 months.

The eligibility to win a prize will be permanently lost if unauthorized members replace, transfer, or resell the prize without authorization. Unauthorized transfer or replacement members will not be allowed into the venue.

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