The Japanese boy band JO1 officially concludes their Asian tour in Shanghai

The 2023 Asia Tour “BEYOND THE DARK” was launched by the Japanese band JO1, who made an appearance in Shanghai on December 8th.

The band referred to their show as “BEYOND THE DARK”, which means, “You cross the boundary between dreams and reality when light and darkness clash with each other…” The group also mentioned that some people have an inherent tendency to fall short of their ideals, and that it is possible to surpass that quality.

Japan TBS Yoshimoto Kogyo and South Korean CJ ENM collaborated to launch the show in 2019, which has an authentic sense of reality and breaks away from the traditional stereotype of “idols”, leading to heated debates among the internet. It is a departure from traditional talent shows and leaves the decision-making to the viewers. After almost three months of intense competition, around 65 million votes were cast by national producers composed of program viewers, including eleven people, such as Ichiro Tohara, Yoshitaka Kawashi, Takaki

JO1’s success was marked by frequent additions to the Billboard Japan chart, particularly for its singles and albums. They were also asked to perform at the 73rd NHK Red and White Song Festival in 2022.

“Jo1” is named after the trainees who achieved their dreams together and reached the highest level in the world. The group’s new members are filled with confidence as they embark on a solo tour of Japan, where they perform and sing with great enthusiasm, prompting everyone to say “I know JO1.”

Shanghai Concert: This event is hosted by a joint venture between the Wenguang Performing Arts Group (SWAG) and Shanghai Jiben Culture and Art Communication Co., Ltd. As one of Japan’s oldest performing arts companies, it is also represented by NMB48 an artist under the subsidiary of Yoshimoto Kogyo which was founded in FY1989 by Jibeng who collaborated with SMG Live on Content, Theater Operations, Copyright Operations and etc. as well as hosting live dramas and concerts organized by sharing.

The company has collaborated closely with Shanghai Wenguang Performing Arts Group this year at the “Shanghai International Comedy Festival” to jointly arrange comedy short dramas, variety shows, and other forms of rich content performances.

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