The farewell ceremony for Zhou Haimei has been held, and there are no celebrities in the circle participating

Zhou Haimei, who passed away at the age of 57 on December 11th, was mourned by netizens for her funeral. Despite this, there have been no media reports on this event in recent times.

Until recently, Zhou Haimei’s studio stated in a post that her farewell ceremony had been completed, but only in the company of close relatives. There was no information available about the event, which also implies that the ceremony was very low-key and did not involve any celebrity guests.

Lastly, Zhou Haimei’s mother stated that Zhu Hajia is a resilient and affectionate individual, and her family will also take care of the pet dogs that she raised before her death.

Although Zhou Haimei’s farewell was conspicuous and did not involve any famous personalities from the industry, she had a significant impact on the business. Following her demise, more than 30 celebrities, including Zhu Hua-jiang, wrote articles to pay their respects, with others such as his ex-wife Lv Liangwei and several mainland celebrities also participating.

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