The 4th New Era Film Festival unveils “Octagonal Cage” winning 4 major awards

“Octagonal Cage” won the Best Picture award, while Gao Qunshu won best director with “Blade”, and Hui Yinghong won for “I Love You!” The 4th New Era International Film Festival Golden Flower Awards were held in Macau on December 20th, where the list of awards was announced live.

“Man Jianghong” Chang’an 30000 Li won the Best Animated Film award, while Chen Yu, a professor at Peking University’s School of Arts, won best screenplay award.

Having won 4 Grand Prizes and becoming the biggest winner,

The award ceremony that night was dazzling, with the likes of Siqin Gaowa, Xiao Guiyun, Gao Qunshu, Wen Jun, Wang Baoqiang, Ren Dahua and Yongshan performing impressively.

The film was the most successful of the evening, with Best Picture and Director/Leader Wang Baoqiang being the top earners. Zhang Yihuan, a young actress who played Su Mu’s sister in the movie, also won the Most Promising Actress award.

Wang Baoqiang was present on stage three times during the ceremony to receive the award, and he expressed his gratitude by saying, “I am so glad!” He also thanked the organizing committee for their kind gesture.

The majority of people knew me from the nonsensical roots of “No Thieves in the World”. Many believed that Wang Baoqiang could only play silly roots, but I firmly opposed this. If I take advantage of the opportunity to learn, I will uncover hidden dangers and become more than just Xu Sanduo and Ah Bing. I feel blessed to have played such numerous roles. “Octagonal Cage” was the first role in which I was given two golden leaflets.

The Best Actress accolade was bestowed upon Hui Yinghong for her exceptional acting in the film.

Best Director and Best Screenplay were the awards received by Gao Qunshu from Chen Yuhan.

Gao Qunshu, the Director, won the Best Director award for his spy film “Blade” on stage. He thanked the organizers and organizing committee of the competition, as well as Macau and their friends who supported the project.

Despite the tight narrative space and multiple twists and turns, Zhang Yimou’s Man Jianghong comedy attracted a large national audience and was ultimately recognized as the Chinese film of the year in the box office. At the award ceremony, Chen Yurong won the Best Screenplay award for the movie.

As a professor at Peking University, Chen Yu has collaborated with Zhang Yimou on numerous films, including “Rock solid,” “Sniper”, and “Man Jianghong”. He expressed his gratitude for being chosen to receive the award in Macau, which coincides with the 24th anniversary of Macapanese independence.

Xu Weizhou and Wen Yongshan were both honored with the Male and Female Actor Award for their remarkable performances.

Liu Mintao was awarded the best supporting role award for her portrayal of Du Lisa, Chen Shuo’s mother, in Enthusiasm. She expressed gratitude to the director for introducing her character and acknowledging her as a mother by being recognized on stage. In the future, she will continue to be resolute, act with integrity, and create original characters to appeal to audiences.

“The Bitter Tongue Lawyer” actor, Xie Junhao, won the best supporting actor award for his role. He expressed gratitude to director Mr. Wu Weilun for creating a great movie and script.

Wen Yongshan’s performance as Li Muzi in “Disappearing She” earned her the Most Breakthrough Actress Award and was widely recognized. She expressed gratitude to the New Era International Film Festival for awarding her with the role, saying, “This 2023 year has been full of surprises, significance, and harvest.”

The Most Breakthrough Male Actor Award was won by Xu Weizhou, who played the lead role in “Chinese Table Tennis Playback” as part of his acting credits. He thanked Bai Minhe, director Deng Chao, and director Yu Baimei for their exceptional performances.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to the 73-year-old Siqin Gaowa, who described himself as a young girl who wanted to jump but couldn’t. He expressed his desire to continue moving forward and working hard under the sunshine of the motherland.

The Golden Flower Award at the New Era International Film Festival was established in 2019, and is a film selection event held in Macau, China, to promote the “Chinese Dream”. It is jointly initiated and organized by several mainstream media outlets in Hong Kong and Macsau, with strategic support from the China Entertainment Industry Research Institute, Chinese Film Research institute, and China Urban research institute.

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