‘Sweet Home 2’ stars Go Min Si & Jinyoung display their dodgy chemistry for ‘Cosmopolitan’

‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine featured Go Min Si and Jinyoung, the stars of Netflix’s upcoming season 2 entitled Sweet Home, in their vulnerable relationship.

Go Min Si remarked on their effective acting collaboration during filming, noting that Eun Yoo’s introverted nature and dislike for the other actors in the stadium made her feel isolated. She felt this way when working with Jinyoung oppa.

Jinyoung’s experience working with his co-star was enjoyable, as they both had similar personalities and preferences. They both worked hard on set without displaying their energy, which helped them navigate filming challenges.

Jinyoung and his co-star, Go Min Si, have a romantic comedy project that they plan to work on together. “It would be fascinating to play as characters that are quite similar,” he said.

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