Netizens talk about Pledis Entertainment’s new boy group name sounding too much like ONEUS’s sibling group

The logo of TWS, the latest addition to the company’s boy group, was revealed by Pledis Entertainment on December 21 KST.

“Twenty-four seven with us” is the abbreviation for the team name, which is pronounced “two-us”. Pledis Entertainment claims that the group name adopts their signature style of using numbers in its name like Seventeen.

TWS, launched by Pledis Entertainment after 9 years, has captured the interest of K-Pop fans worldwide as the first new boy group.

The initial feedback regarding the team name is not as positive as Pledis anticipated.

Many K-netizens find the pronunciation of the name to be too similar to that of ONEUS, an existing boy group.

How do you pronounce the name TWS?

Simultaneously, the debut of the inexperienced team is arranged to happen in the first half of 2024.

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