Middle aged Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Huang Jianwen Lian JingyaReveals trailer

Earlier today, we were introduced to the trailer for the action comedy film Crossover. The trailer portrays a middle-aged personification of the Smiths, with Jiang Wu as the former spy who conceal his past from his wife and ACE Meishan as their violent crime investigation team. However, she discovers that her husband had misunderstood his secret.

Huang Gewen, the “head of the family” in “Cross”, has made appearances in high grossing films and recently received the title of a “Million Actor” for her role in the movie “Seoul Spring”. Meanwhile, Lian Jingya, who plays the ace of crime investigation team, has appeared in this summer’s highest grossING South Korean films such as ” Smuggling” and ” Sky City,” which has already attracted the attention of both actors.

The poster displays a pair, wearing bulletproof vests and carrying firearms, standing together with sharp eyes. A bright cross sign on the poster reads “The perfect box office cross of the big actors”. Many people look forward to watching them demonstrate their tacit understanding during South Korea’s Spring Festival holiday in February 2024.

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