G-Dragon’s future steps with Galaxy Corporation revealed at press conference

The press was introduced to director Jo Sung Hae of Galaxy Corporation at 10 AM KST on December 21, as she posed as G-Dragon, a member/solo artist of Big Bang, for the photo at JW Marriott Hotel.

Director Jo initiated the day by revealing that “Galaxy Corporation has signed an exclusive contract with artist G-Dragon.”

The director explained that the press conference was a way for G-Dragon to prepare for his return and face the public after enduring challenging circumstances.

Director Jo’s first point of contact was with G-Dragon, who has recently been involved in a drug scandal. “Ultimately, justice was served and the police found no fault in Kwon Ji Yong, which is completely unrelated to that incident.”

According to the director, G-Dragon was proven innocent despite numerous speculations and rumors. However, he was still subjected to harsh criticism and an overzealous attack of human rights abuses. He has stood his ground until now. Galaxy Corporation is demanding that any posts or comments that defame Kwon Ji Yong be deleted by December 28th.

Director Jo answered the questions about the delay in Galaxy Corporation’s announcement of their partnership with G-Dragon by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with him.

Director Jo explained that G-Dragon was unable to attend the press conference due to time constraints.

G-Dragon’s letter to director Jo was released, in which he announced his plans to establish a foundation dedicated to eliminating illegal drugs from Korean society. The musician shared that despite the news of an increase in illegal drug use among underaged youths and the fact that less than 500 of the 20,000 criminals charged with illegal activity receiving adequate medical care, these facts left him feeling uneasy.

G-Dragon expressed his love for music and arts and emphasized the importance of addressing social issues such as drugs, injustice, and poverty through this foundation. He also stated that this organization will provide opportunities for artists who are lacking resources and support and help nurture future generations of like-minded individuals.

According to the letter’s conclusion, “This is how Kwon Ji Yong intends to begin 2024. I will fulfill my duties as both an artist and member of society by making a comeback and contributing to society.”

G-Dragon’s first significant donation to the upcoming foundation will be made in honor of his fans and VIPs.

G-Dragon, who has been employed at YG Entertainment for the past 17 years, will be joining Galaxy Corporation as an artist in 2024.

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