Even at the age of 60, we should celebrate! Brad Pitt and his girlfriend have a continuous birthday celebration project

On December 18th, 2011, Brad Pitt and his girlfriend Inese de Ramon celebrated their 60th birthday in Paris, France by spending two days in different locations. They had already left the airport one day before their big day, but they still managed to enjoy a wonderful time together on the high-profile tour of Europe.

Inese de Ramon and Pitt celebrated her 31st birthday on the same day, traveling to Los Angeles for a private party. Pitt was seen in ostrich-printed pants and revealing shirts with floral embroidery over contrasting black colors, while Iness looked happy and smiley in white low cut skirt.

Inese de Ramon, a 31-year-old jewelry designer, was announced as Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend in November 2023.

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