Dong Mingzhu once again angrily rebuked Meng Yutong. A few months later, why hold onto the departing employees?

Wen/Zheng Youzhi means “Western” in Chinese.

The Editor/Straight and Straight

What is the opening statement?

“If a secretary can’t write, I’m uncertain which secretary is in the right place at all, but I use my power to become an internet sensation.”

Meng Yutong, Dong Mingzhu’s former secretary, was mentioned by her during the college entrance ceremony of Gree Electric Appliances in 2023.

The assertion made by Dong Mingzhu in a program that “Meng Yutong is his future successor” should be taken into account.

She has become a regular object of Dong Mingzhu’s mention and has publicly denounced Meng Yutong multiple times.

What was the nature of their relationship?

Dishonored and proud to be a part of the community.

Meng Yutong once shared publicly that the most enjoyable experience was adding to Mr. Dong’s social media account. She also mentioned that Dongg Mingzhu has a very refined appearance, but she is completely different in the news and social platforms.

During that period, Dong Mingzhu was seen as very approachable by her, and she used her closest grandmother as an example to compare them.

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