Anonymous individual who reported IU to the police for plagiarism identified, IU’s side to continue defamation lawsuit

EDAM Entertainment reported on December 21 KST that the anonymous complainant who accused singer IU of plagiarism was recently identified by the police.

This anonymous person had reported IU to the police for 6 times violating copyright laws in May this year. The police dismissed the case in August, which was not directly related to “plagiarized” works or the actual composers of the six songs.

In September, EDAM Entertainment filed a defamation case against the individual in the Seoul Central District Court. After 3 months, the police have identified the person who initially reported for the cops and their information has been shared with IU’s legal representative, Shinwon Law Firm.

Despite refraining from providing any further information, EDAM Entertainment stated that the defamation lawsuit will persist until the first person is ultimately vindicated in court.

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