Zhang Meng took a photo to celebrate her father’s birthday, and Xiao Wu was extremely filial to his parents in law. He received praise and even found it difficult to find a lantern

Despite being in the process of planning for pregnancy for two years but not receiving any positive news, Zhang Meng shared a video on her personal social media platform about how she has failed to prepare for conception and is now seeking professional help. To ease tensions, she announced the suspension of her live streaming career.

Having paused the live broadcast with her husband Xiao Wu, Zhang Meng now has more time to do. She mentioned that she misses home more than ever. Therefore, she decided to go back to her hometown in Henan. On December 16th, we celebrated her father’s 63rd birthday with our husband and family, and her cheerful and contented family was enviable.

The video shared by Zhang Meng suggests that her parents may be attempting to ease her stress. The family of four did not stay at home, but instead traveled to some famous scenic locations and historical sites in Henan.

Zhang’s father and mother were enthusiastic about returning home to the high-speed railway station, and they picked up the couple. Xiao Wu carried his suitcase and walked alongside him, hoping for warmth and comfort. They were like fatherhood and sons, as Zhang Meng stated, “Dad has an extra son, while Wu Ge has another father.”

During the journey, Xiao Wu had to carry luggage all the way down the mountain; but his parents in law thought it was not right for their son-in-law and were so appreciative that he reminded him not to get near his waist when carrying luggage.

The family of four always seemed happy when they checked in together, but Xiao Wu and his father-in-law caused trouble by standing behind his mother-ink who was taking photos to verify their identity.

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