TV series release trailer restores game settings

The first trailer for Fallout, a live action drama game, was released on December 11th, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports. The movie depicts nefarious creatures like humans, monsters, and robots inhabiting the wasteland… Its mental state is extremely unstable and romantic at the same time; Jonolan has been working with “Finch” Michael Emerson since their show “Suspect Tracking”.

The first episode of Westworld, which takes place in a bizarre and violent wasteland world following atomic war that destroyed Earth, was developed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joey, who co-wrote the show. It will be available for streaming on Amazon from April 12th.

Xelia Mendes Jones is played by Ella Pennell, while Walton Goggins plays a “spider”, and Kyle McLachlan (), Aaron Moten () and others also appear in the film.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic, retro future universe of the mid-20th century, following the nuclear war that devastated modern society. Many individuals found themselves struggling to survive on the surface, with some finding refuge in underground radioactive dust shelters. Players must select or design their own characters to play as the “shelter resident,” then use them to navigate the world and interact with other survivors to fulfill various tasks.

Role-playing games typically allow players to select one of three pre-existing characters to initiate the game, or create characters and assign attributes based on their selections. The protagonist of such a game is often called ‘a Sherer resident’, and players can choose from seven main attributes to award during character creation (strength, perception, endurance, charm, intelligence, agility, luck), with quotas between 1 and 10. Additionally, they have the option to set character skills and features.

The game consists of 18 skills, each with a percentage breakdown of how many skills are there. The character’s ability to learn all of them at first is determined by the player’S attributes, but three of these skills can be enhanced by 20%. A personality trait has both advantages and disadvantages, and players can choose up to two skill combinations. Players can earn experience points while playing the game; after collecting enough experience during the match, they can level up their character, increase their skill percentage, or allocate attribute points.

(Meng Qing)

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