The thriller film “Stay Away from the World” releases segments of animal warnings for danger

A portion of the web thriller “Far Away from the World,” featuring Julia Roberts, Mahshara Ali, Ethan Hawke, Mihara Herod, and Kevin Becken, has been released on December 11th, Beijing time. Foreign media reports suggest that the movie will turn a dreamy vacation into an animal-caused adventure.

The Hacker Legion, a novel by Rumaan Alam, was written and directed by Sam Ismail, who also created the book. The film portrays the interplay between parental identity, race, and social hierarchy, as well as the transformation of our closest relationships and the formation of unexpected new friendships during times of turmoil.

The plot revolves around a couple who flew to New York on ‘a quiet vacation’ with their children, while the landlord of their short-term rental property returned due to an unprecedented power outage.

The suburbs are now without access to any internet, television, radio, or telephone services, and their communication with the outside world has been disrupted. Additionally, there have been strange sound tremors in the neighborhood, as well as mysterious migrations of animals. As a result of this isolated situation, the physical health and mental state of both families began to decline.

Tenants hail from elite white families, while landlords belong to elite black families. The racial and ethnic disparities between the two groups are slowly taking over, leading them to overlook the more hazardous situations that are unfolding.

(Meng Qing)

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