The ratings have broken one, and there is a successor to the image of the chairman. Actors such as Wang Renjun have already taken on Tang Guoqiang’s role

Wen and Mu Ran are one and the same.

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The main theme is absent in this year’s competition for the annual drama king’, which is somewhat unexpected.

The anti-crime drama “Fury” and the suspense thriller “Long Season” are currently the most popular films, with almost nobody else able to match them in terms of popularity and reputation.

Despite this, the majority of dramas that were awarded in the past were focused on the main theme, with “In the Name of the People” and “The Awakening Era” being two notable examples.

Is it a cause for concern that the main theme will cease to exist after 2023?

“Wen Cangmang” was released by CCTV during its prime time, which is fortunate as it achieved a viewership of over 1 in 2 due to the film’s direct release. While viewers are familiar with many of the main theme themes depicted in this drama on TV, “wen cangmang” has unique appeal.

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