The Call of the Sun series has been cancelled and will no longer be renewed for the third season

Netflix has cancelled the popular fantasy drama “Call of the Sun” due to a strike, and the third season is no longer available, according to reports from foreign media on December 11th at Beijing time.

Season two of the drama was launched in March this year, with its first season scheduled for 2021. It is based on the popular novels “Shadows and Bones” and “Six of Crows”, and executive produced by Eric Heather alongside Jesse May Lee, Ben Barnes, Freddie Carter (Pennyworth) and Robert Muthrick (The Temptators’ Equalizer), Amita Suman (Outpost), and Kit Young (“Under the spell”).

The story follows the tale of the western side of Lavka, where a black curtain created an unbreakable barrier that kept outraged terrifying monsters. It recounts how the dark lord had for centuries cast gnawed upon the land and isolated the outside world. Every man who made it through would sacrifice his life, and there was no way to break free from this darkness.

Alina, an orphan who was unintentionally discovered to have the ability to summon light, which is the key to breaking through the darkness. The powerful dark lord tricked her into becoming a Grisha warrior and joining the elite class, but she had to leave her childhood friend Mare behind and enter the court.

(Meng Qing)

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